Do Totalitarians Love Ankle Monitors?


“Totalitarians are taking over! We’re losing our freedoms! The Deep State is in control! Anarchy is everywhere!

Those are some of the social media ‘Headlines’ I’ve seen the past few weeks. The most recent story had to do with the woman in Kentucky who is crying foul because she has to wear an ankle monitor. Why? Because a test revealed she had COVID-19, but she refused to sign the health department document regarding self-quarantining. The fact she suddenly became a potential health risk to her community was not lost on the local criminal justice system. Yes, even in the ‘Land of the Free, Home of the Brave’ if you’re a health risk to the community, you’re going to be sanctioned.

But the side of this story that baffles me is the national uproar over this particular issue, albeit a social media uproar. Just for the sake of review, lets examine a few other laws and regulations – the violation of which, will lead to legal sanctions. Perhaps those who are abhorred over the ankle monitors can return to earth after reviewing other real health threats in this so-called ‘totalitarian’ leaning land.

Every incorporated community in the United States has sewage disposal laws. Violations of those laws might get you sanctioned. Just for the fun of it, try running your sewer line wherever you want and see what happens. In fact, sewage disposal is a big deal. Why? Because in a community, everyone is responsible to everyone else to practice safety and be health conscious. If your crap flows into your neighbor’s basement because you couldn’t be bothered with following plumbing and sewer codes, you’re going to be held liable – probably both civilly and criminally.   

Here’s another one. Let’s talk about the AIDS issue for a moment – a prominent disease that did and still does weigh heavily on the global collective conscious.  As I search the files in my mind, I can distinctly recall at least one legal case where a person who had AIDS threatened to inflict another by spitting on them. Other legal cases arose over similar issues when AIDS carriers intentionally or negligently inflicted others through sexual contact. They were charged with a crime and punished. Why? Because a person with AIDS or any other communicable disease has a duty to protect others in the community from contracting their disease.  

You see, we are a community of human beings residing in relative proximity to one another. It’s sometimes difficult while going about in the land of the free to consider anyone but yourself, but we do, in fact, have a duty to other members of the community. That’s why U.S. towns and states have laws protecting citizens from each other – traffic laws, building codes, health laws, and criminal codes. Break the law; receive a punishment. Become a community health threat; get an ankle bracelet! That is how it works in a country where rule of law exists.

If you are one of the concerned U.S. citizens losing sleep at night over a woman having to wear an ankle bracelet, you have been misled and tricked by memes and fake news! Get off social media; go to your public library, and study your state health codes and community legal standards. The system worked in Kentucky! And the citizens of that state have been duly protected from a real COVID-19 threat.

Published by Jeff Hicks

I am a podcaster and author working and living in the Western United States.

One thought on “Do Totalitarians Love Ankle Monitors?

  1. It’s true we have an obligation to try and be respectful to our neighbours. My city is still in lockdown, and it’s tough, but we all have to follow the law, and that’s it.

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