Let Them Eat Cake and Like It!

Let Them Eat Cake!

Social media has lit up like a blazing Christmas tree since Congress voted on and passed the latest ‘COVID’ relief bill. People are pissed. “What the hell is all this money going to Pakistan gender studies and billions going to African countries I haven’t even heard of?” the masses have wondered with expressions of shock and awe. I guess a rude awakening is in order for some folks who have been asleep and ignorant of U.S. spending and political pork barreling their whole lives. Of course, Donald J. Trump chimed in on the bill, too. He gave one of his only public addresses since the election and voiced his complaint that a measly $600 bucks wasn’t enough for all those people out of work and hungry. He said folks should receive $2000 instead. 

Hell, since we’re throwing out numbers, let’s raise it to $5000; okay then – $10,000! Imagine what commoners in the United States could do with an extra $10,000 bucks each. Most would spend it like there’s no tomorrow; and they might have a point. Tomorrow seems like a risky proposition to some.

So, where has Trump been all this time, while Congress has been huddled around their bean counters with pork sizzling on every burner? We all know the answer to that. He’s been working with all his stooges, toadies, and hangers-on trying to subvert a free and fair election. And despite their unproven grievances, all the so-called evidence these naysayers have accumulated has been tossed out of court. As you know, in a land governed by the rule of law, screams and shrieks of voter fraud and rigged election require evidence. There has been no evidence – none at all.

But that has not stopped Trump, in all his narcissistic grandeur, to cease his incessant trumpeting. That’s literally all we’ve heard from him since November 3. He has not been leading, president-ing, or anything like unto it. The United States has been drifting for a month-and-a-half with no leader. And then suddenly, like a whiner who wants to take the winning shot at the buzzer, Trump steps to the podium and calls for a bigger payout on the latest relief bill.

I’m not opposed to more money landing in my bank account. No, not at all! But let’s be reasonable here. Why did Congress pack the bill with payouts for stuff I and most other Americans don’t want? We have to nod our heads and with some degree of humility, recognize that history is the answer to that golden question.

For decades, the United States has been sending money to countries for every conceivable cause. Being the self-appointed democratic leader of the world has its price. Freedom and elections cost money. Bolstering our network of national alliances costs money. Convincing national leaders of certain ‘things’ that we want them to get-on-board with costs money. And so, when a stimulus relief billed gets passed, we’re going to see those traditional ‘add-ins’ that we’ve been funding for years. They should not come as a surprise.

But now that public opinion has been opened like a jack-in-the-box regarding Federal spending, maybe Americans will start asking more questions. Maybe Americans will place emphasis on national priorities that will strengthen the U.S. economy and bolster global standing but do it with a more responsible fiscal policy at home and abroad.

With China moving closer to being the global economic leader, it’s in the U.S.’s best interest to elbow-in and keep that position it has maintained since the end of World War II. Biden has his work cut out, especially since he will be hitting the road running on January 20. He will have the pandemic and a national economic crisis to contend with. Hopefully prudence and thinking combined with good leadership will be the order of the day. Short term solutions sometimes bring long term chaos. In applying fixes to problems, we hope Biden’s administration will act prudently.   

Despite individual issues regarding the elections and economy, U.S. citizens collectively need to look beyond the problems of today and prepare for successes and victories of tomorrow. Toss out the pork and bring on the relief! Two thousand bucks and counting…   

Published by Jeff Hicks

I am a podcaster and author working and living in the Western United States.

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