‘Kip Ocasek’ was born Jeffrey T. Hicks in the mountains of Idaho (USA). He was brought up in the days before computers, bike helmets, and seat belts. At a young age, he developed a penchant for writing. His first foray into the art was a short story he wrote as a kid about his older brother who was ‘built like a brick outhouse’ and ‘never took guff off nobody!’ Later, he wrote contest-winning patriotic essays for the local community. His love of storytelling took off from there!

Kip Ocasek’s world travels to primitive islands, the deepest river gorges on the North American continent, and exotic Central American ocean fronts influenced his love of nature and of the human experience. An advanced college degree in International Relations with an emphasis in conflict resolution capped his academic dream of discovery regarding people, governments, and culture – and the essence of the human experience: relationships.

Kip expresses his views in story form and often animates those stories in his podcasts. He’s intrigued by human historical narratives from all over – stories he sees as a window onto humanity. Listen-in or read as he documents the deep and often less discussed vistas along the timeworn trails of places less traveled.

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