Raise Your Hand if You’re a Royal!

Meghan and Harry (Credit: Entertainment Tonight)

I can think of several stories that have been told and retold over the years. In fact, some have become engrained in many countries’ national cultures and go on to define them in some way. Think of the Charles Lindbergh story – not the one where he flew across the Atlantic, but when his baby was kidnapped. And if you look at stories the way I do, at least in the modern sense, you will recognize that every one of these stories is defined by the amount of money they generate – ad money – the fodder that makes media moguls rich and keeps the media appetites of the masses satiated. Everyone is hungry for a good story!

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan recently poured their hearts out in an interview with Oprah. A large portion of that interview aired to the world a few days ago. Imagine the ad sales lined-up in the lead-up to that interview launch. No question the marketers had their phones ringing nonstop from big brands wanting a piece of the show. In fact, when the producers were putting the show together, a large segment was planned just for ads because money is what makes the world go round. And that’s especially the case with a common story regarding two young, famous people describing a few intimate and vulnerable details of their lives. The producers knew the show would be a huge draw – big names, dark secrets, embarrassment, drama, betrayal – all ingredients for The Greatest Show on Earth!  

Fact is, I have never found much interest in the British Royals. A bunch of figure-head rich folks that don’t work and do not produce anything pretty much sums-up my view of them all. And I’m not trying to be disparaging here. Their role is much like a showcase display; they’re not supposed to work or produce anything. It’s not their job. But there’s no question, their role ‘doing nothing’ keeps the British tabloids lit up with tales of intrigue for all the commoner groupies hailing from every walk of life, clamoring for evidence that some aristocratic pedestal dweller’s life actually sucks more than theirs.    

The British Royal family is nothing more than a public relations firm bank-rolled by the citizens of the United Kingdom. Like I said, their job is to do nothing except add luster to a society otherwise marked by dullness and drear matched only by the gray and dank UK weather forecast. Without the Royals, there would be absolutely nothing extraordinary in the UK for the tabloids to rag on. Not even Boris Johnson with his bedhead hair would be enough!

I like Harry and I like his wife even more! Harry had the fortitude to move his wife and kid out of a bad situation despite the obvious fallout it would cause on the global opinion forum. And Meghan is a strong, smart woman who works hard and achieves much. Some might smirk at my attitude towards Meghan, but I’m one who thinks a woman’s place is exactly where she wants it to be.

Everyone has an opinion about the Royals and especially regarding this latest story – the tale of two kids. Right on schedule, millions of people, even famous Brits have jumped into the fray and spewed their two cents on the interview – largely disparaging. Regarding any celebrity who elbows their way onto the public soap box because they see their fame as akin to expertness in the realm of all social issues, I simply chuckle. If I had a dime for every celebrity who made a fool of themselves at the public forum spewing all kinds of ridiculous vitriol, I would be a rich man! Their opinions are no more fact than anyone else’s despite their surety they are the smartest and most contemporary folks in the room.

Social media has blown up with opinions and shots at the Royals. The interview opened the flood gates of people’s pent-up rage, shaking their fists at the clouds! It’s the same old story that’s been going on for years – centuries even! To the point, when you are an aristocratic pedestal dweller, you must get used to living in a fishbowl. Some folks just like drama, especially involving people they see ‘not like them.’ Rich people, famous people, people with prestige and the social power that goes with it, people who have been propped as the PR model for a whole nation – those people are targets. Some folks just love to see any they deem as aristocracy get knocked off their pedestals.

But I will never participate in the orotund mayhem aimed at the British Crown or any other “Crown” – the skewering drive through Royalsville – verbally knocking over garbage cans and flinging oratorical M-80s at the fancy houses. It’s nonsense! And those who take delight in doing so should be caned on the front porch of Buckingham Palace while the Trinity Boys Choir sings “God Save the Queen” on the side.

Fact is, we are all humans first. After the pomp and ceremony of mortal life ends and we all end up in the ground, the color and creation of our casket will have no bearing on anything. So I say, while we live, let’s find common ground with each other – even with those who live on the other side of the tracks – even those from Royalsville. Let’s not see folks we love move across the globe because they feel ostracized, disparaged, and disrespected.

When a fellow human is close to suicide because life’s getting them down, lets give them a hand up! We should celebrate life, not get distracted by the color of one’s skin. How about we call an end to our cliques and divisions and open our arms for everyone around us. There is much more that unites us as humans than divides us. How about we celebrate those things? Let’s perpetuate a human story of unity and love, even if we are a Royal or the public conscience of a Royal. All things are possible.